Attracting Beautiful Women What You Need To Do To Start Getting Pretty Women To Notice You!

Okay, you probably have figured out by now that attracting beautiful women is not as easy as you would like it to be. For some reason, no matter how nice of a guy you are, the pretty women all seem to be attracted to guys that act like jerks, and it does not seem fair. Well, you can make it fair by becoming the kind of guy that attracts beautiful women and it’s not by becoming a jerk.

More important than that is knowing what attracts women. When you know what it is that actually gets a woman to pay attention to you, then getting a date with a beautiful woman is no longer a stretch of the imagination. It will become YOUR REALITY.

Here’s what you need to do to get pretty women to notice you:


1. You have to make yourself worthy of female attention.

It’s not by seeking out her approval, and it’s not by impressing her by spending a lot of cash on her. It’s by demonstrating that you ARE an alpha male, because that is what women are going to respond to. Are they going to lay this out for you and tell you that you need to act like an alpha male? No. But you will know when you start getting the female attention that you deserve and desire.

2. You have to add a splash of style to your appearance.

Now, you might automatically assume that this means that you have to get decked out in the latest designer duds, but women are not just attracted to that look. The thing is, most guys are pretty generic in their appearance, so they basically end up looking like…every other guy that is out there. This is not how you are going to get noticed, you get notice by standing out. Add some style and you will attract attention.

3. You have to give off the impression that you know what you are doing in the bedroom.

Well, how do you do that before you actually get her there? By using things like body language to show that you are a guy that will be confident and secure in the bedroom. You don’t have to actually get her in bed to give her the impression that you are the kind of guy that will please her. You just have to make her think that you will.

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