Children Need Monitoring With Gps Tracking System

Children Need Monitoring With GPS Tracking System


Adriana Noton

Every time a young child is reported missing this adds another grey hair of worry to the parents of children nationwide. Recent stories of girls who have been missing for years and suddenly turning up as young women have parents wondering what they can do to protect their children better. The GPS Tracking System technology has created locators that can help alleviate some of these fears.

One very powerful piece of apparatus for your child to wear is a wrist watch with the GPS technology built into it. When the child wears the watch the parent can monitor the child\’s location by hand held tracker or computer. The GPS system sends satellite signals of the longitude and latitude coordinates of the child\’s location.

This technology was not affordable two year\’s ago. The starting price for these units is about $400. There are several features that this watch offers. It functions as an early warning system where the parent can set a safety zone around the child. As soon as anyone comes into that safety zone the system sends a signal to the parent that someone has entered the safety zone. Tracking will start on the child\’s movements.


It is also possible to set a geographic limit so that if the child has gone beyond this permissible range, the parent will be warned. Some models have speakers and cameras so that if the child needs to be contacted this is now possible. If the child has fallen into water an alert can also be sent out.

For children with pre-existing medical conditions, these devices are very useful. The blood pressure and heart rate can now be monitored as well as their body and room temperature. If little Johnny is outdoors without his coat on his mother can remind him to go back in and put it on.

Often children are away on field trips and sports events for a few days. We have all read about bus accidents were children were trapped in a bus. The GPS personal tracking device has an emergency button that when pressed sends out an SOS signal along with the geographic co-ordinates indicating where the child is. School buses too have GPS tracking devices mounted on them at an affordable $200 per bus.

A UK school uniform company is considering incorporating GPS tracking into school uniforms for children. Parents are overwhelmingly keen on the proposal. Some US states are discussing the proposal of putting GPS tracking devices on children who are chronically truant. Amberwatch is a free system that tracks sex offenders who have been released from prison. It also encourages people who have observed unusual activity that could be a child predator pursuing a child to report this to them.

The GPS tracking system has already become a part of our lifestyle in many ways. Everywhere we look it is being used to accurately locate people and information. As the nation\’s prisons are becoming increasingly crowded many sex-offenders are being released early. Not all of these individuals are being carefully tracked. Unsuspecting children are easy prey for them. Monitoring children\’s activity brings peace of mind and is readily accepted by many parents.

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