Common Questions To Ask Truck Accident Attorneys In Harrisburg


In Pennsylvania, settling commercial truck accidents require additional steps. These steps uncover the exact culprit that caused the accident. These steps involve federal agencies that enforce specific regulations to increase public safety. The following are common questions to ask truck accident attorneys in Harrisburg.

How Do Federal Motor Carrier Regulations Apply?


The Federal Motor Carrier Administration enforces regulations that reduce the potential for accidents. These regulations include ensuring that all drivers comply with required rest periods. They aren’t allowed to drive beyond twelve to fourteen hours each day. They must follow all requirements for an eight-hour resting period. If they don’t, they are more likely to cause an accident. In addition to litigation, they or their employers face penalties for these violations.

What Conditions are Most Likely to Cause a Commercial Truck Related Accident?

Exhausted driving or driving under the influence are the most common reasons for a commercial trucking accident. Over-the-counter medication to keep the driver awake can also produce unsafe driving conditions. In instances where no one is at fault, weather conditions attribute to these events.

Who Investigates these Accidents?

State troopers investigate commercial trucking accidents. They determine if mechanical flaws or services led to the accident. If they were, the supplier or manufacturer may be at fault. If the driver was under the influence, they face criminal charges for this infraction. For this reason, they are deemed at fault.

What Circumstances are Identified During an Investigation?

The state trooper produces a report to identify the circumstances of the accident. They identify the at-fault driver and any define any additional liabilities. Afterward, they submit the report to the driver’s insurance provider. The only instances in which a defendant isn’t identified is when road conditions cause the accident.

In Pennsylvania, commercial trucking accidents produce serious injuries and may have more than one defendant. Privately owned trucks are the responsibility of one individual. If they are a commercial fleet owned by a trucking company, the business is at fault. The conditions associated with the accident define where the liability falls. Victims of these accidents can visit Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP to hire truck accident attorneys in Harrisburg.