Cpr Training: It Can Save Lives


It can happen anytime and anywhere. You are at home, at school, at work, at a game or even walking along the street. Someone suddenly keels over – the victim of what appears heart failure. While you can phone 911, it is possible to do something else. This something can actually save the life of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest or stopped breathing. It is called CPR. Training in Illinois and across the United States has been responsible for fewer deaths when this medical situation occurs. In fact, statistics indicate that if more people in this country learned how to perform CPR, the rate of survival after drowning or a cardiac arrest would climb as high as triple the current rate.

What Is CPR?


CPR is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The cardio refers to the heart and indicates cardio arrest or, as a result of heart failure, a heart attack. This is a technique that was designed to help anyone act quickly to save the life of another individual when tragedy strikes. It can be applied in any emergency where the heart or breathing has stopped. The recipient can be a child or an adult.

CPR training is available for those who want to learn. It is offered by various groups. It can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific type of population ranging from basic (the average individual) to advanced – for nurses and other medical professionals. People from all walks of life – with no medical training, are able to quickly and easily pick up this life saving technique.

Why Should You Take CPR Training?

When the heart stops beating or breathing ceases, it is important to act quickly to get the blood flowing again. By performing CPR, anyone can help the blood again flow to the brain as well as other important body organs. This will help keep the individual alive and prevents brain damage caused by lack of oxygen flowing to the brain. Without it, an individual can suffer from brain damage in a few minutes; die by 10 minutes. CPR keeps them functioning until emergency medical treatment arrives. In other words, CPR performed in Illinois or any other American city can improve the chances of survival. As a result, the reason why you should take CPR training is simple – it saves lives. Failure to learn how to act in the situation leaves you standing on the sidelines feeling helpless while, perhaps someone you truly care about or have worked closely with for years, dies unnecessarily.

CPR Training

If you find yourself in a situation where your company offers CPR training in Illinois, do yourself and everyone you know or may meet a favor. Take it. As it has been stated by various individuals: It is much better to at least do something rather than do nothing. This doubles in meaning when the very something you can learn to do can save that other person’s life.

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