Get Acquainted With The Nuances Of Piston Pumps

Get Acquainted With The Nuances Of Piston Pumps


Nathan SyngremPiston pumps

are probably the most used pumps today in almost all industrial areas. They are nothing but pumps where the packing is attached to the piston rod and moves against a smooth cylinder wall.


piston pumps

are mostly utilized to move liquids or compress gases. If they pump liquid then they are called hydraulic, and if they pump gas they are pneumatic However, it is to be noted that though they have better priming characteristics yet they cannot operate at as high a pressure. Incidentally they also have a shorter life.

Volume capacity is one of the main factors that have an impact on the functioning of these pumps. As long as a pump is rotating the same volume of liquid that goes in must come out for overall performance. It needs to be mentioned here that unlike a centrifugal pump, the piston pumps have a very flat flow performance curve no matter how high the pressure goes. This may result in dangerous blockages and hence unloaded valves should be incorporated into system for overall performance.


Like its counterpart the plunger piston, a piston pump can be based on a single piston or, even

multiple parallel pistons

. The pistons in this pump are generally reciprocated using cams or crankshafts. And the stroke can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. It is said that this type of pump can deliver heads of up to 1000 bar. The largest sizes of piston pumps can deliver flows of 40m3 /hr.

In practice these pumps are more likely to be used for metering low flow rate fluids at more modest pressures in laboratories and chemical process plants. Unlike popular belief,

piston pumps

are unsuitable for transferring toxic or explosive media.

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