Guidance On How To Wash Silk Curtains Properly

By David Faulkner

Washing Of Silk Curtains Need A lot of Care:

To bathe silk curtains the primary step is to quiver them out softly to get purge of as much dust as you can. Then let them soak for ten or fifteen minutes in lukewarm suds to loosen the soil. Without twisting or wringing them, lift them from the water and drain it away. Then wash the curtains carefully in lukewarm suds made with pure white soap flakes or a mild detergent. Squeeze the suds through them; don’t rub or scrub. If they still look dingy give them a second washing with fresh suds. Think twice earlier than adding household bleach to your first rinse. It will weaken the fibers a little even when it is used carefully and rinsed thoroughly. Most sheer cottons necessitate to be starched to look their best, excepting organdy with a permanent finish, and even this substance loses its crispness after washings and needs starch or some other finish. Use blued starch or adds bluing to your own starch concoction, taking care that it is uniformly scattered.

Soak them briefly then give them two short washings. Run the machine three to five minutes for the first wash and about two (with fresh suds, of course) for the second. Rinse carefully, blue, and starch. Hang them straight for easier ironing.

Your pole options are nearly as various as your curtain choices. There is virtually a pole for every room design! There are metal poles, wooden poles, ornate poles or plain poles. Whatever color or style you are using in your room, you can find a pole that will blend well with it. Besides the actual pole itself


If you have a room with windows that assemble at a curve, you can always opt for bay poles. These are poles that curve with the corner so that you don’t have to have a break between the curtains of each window. Bay Poles allow the curtain to slide fluidly from one window, through the bend of the corner, over to the neighboring window.

If your home looks like a drab or it just needs some augmentation, then you might uplift its petition with Silk curtains. Usually, people do not pay much attention to their home decor as is seen more for its function than beauty. However, it is important to keep the home as appealing as others home to inspire the people that stay in them. Choosing the right curtain for you can be a great way to exhibit your own style and taste. Curtains can transform your ways. However, you might be confused about the many available choices there are. However, if you know what silk curtains are about, then you can tapered down your selections.

The choice of curtains depends on the purpose for which the curtains are being installed. Color, fabric and style of curtain give the room a formal or informal appearance. There are lots of decorative rods, pelmets, cording, sleeves, beads, fringes, rings, eyelets available in the market to beautify curtains. Also a thought should be given on safety for floor measurement lengthwise curtains when pets and children are present in the house.

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