The New Integration Of International Marketing Concept

By Lanbo Jiang

International Marketing in the 20th century 60’s developed a new discipline. The discipline to marketing, based in the growing practice of cross border business under the impetus of the theory of the formation of his own independent research system. International Marketing Theory generation of enterprises engaged in international business, is nothing more than a strong theoretical guidance.Wang Xingbang, eds “international marketing” is seriously sum up the field of international marketing at home and abroad on the basis of research results, combined with 10 years of teaching experience, close attention to the latest global economic development, international marketing will be integrated into the global market the overall framework of a study to objectively highlight the forward looking and practical, as the basis for international marketing to do a re integration. Reading through the book, has the following characteristics.

First, to adapt to the new international and domestic situation. On the one hand, economic globalization is today a basic feature of world economic development.Since the latter half of the 20th century, the economic activities between countries entered a period of rapid development, particularly the rapid rise of international investment, the deepening of international division of labor, so that the business activities of an increasingly globalized, from technology, investment, production, Marketing to the distribution and communication networks are global. International business marketing activities are increasingly affecting the level of development of a country’s economy, international marketing activities in new markets, gain competitive advantage and so has increasingly shown its role.

Especially by the knowledge economy, network economy, information economy, characterized by “new economy” form appears, but also gives a profound change in international marketing, a key intellectual resource for the evolving global market, knowledge marketing, network marketing new marketing forms beginning to show its strong advantages, the international competitiveness of enterprises to be redefined. Enterprises should have a competitive advantage in the market, they must adapt to globalization of the economy, establish an international marketing concept.On the other hand, China has joined the WTO, to achieve further economic take off, they must finance their own in the tide of economic globalization, the implementation of internationally accepted rules of the game, in the world market competition. Thus, study of international marketing, in depth study of international law practice and business activities is an urgent task given to us by the times.


Second, build a new system framework. Book break through the architecture of international marketing, business practice in our country, absorbing the latest research results at home and abroad, the international marketing of the system more complete, more detailed, comprehensive system. Book design from the concept of international marketing, international marketing strategy development, international marketing, the three major aspects of process management, international marketing environment, global markets, international marketing, strategic planning and organization, international product strategy, distribution system, international, international advertising and promotion, personal selling and sales management, international market pricing, international marketing strategy, implementation and management of a complete and systematic exposition of the 20th century, outlining the points of marketing, introduced a series of effective international marketing strategy, put forward Many new workable concept of international marketing.

Third, focus on combat tactics. The book is “Kodak and Fuji launched the international competition”, “Changhong’s internationalization strategy,” “Nestle’s international marketing principles”, “Motorola’s Iridium project,” “the rise of hand washing liquid market”, “quality of Haier Group operating consciousness, “” pursuit of excellence in Shanghai public “,” Honda’s internal marketing to create a business “,” U.S. GSK’s response strategy “in dozens of cases of systematic discussion of international marketing, global marketing concepts and marketing strategy, International Marketing strategy and international marketing management, specific application, for our more enterprises to go abroad to further participate in the international market competition, in international marketing to gain a competitive advantage to provide a useful reference.

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